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Title: The Tidings Brought to Mary
Author: Paul Claudel
ISBN: 0982356102
Price: 15.95
Publisher: Human Adventure Books
Publication Date: 03/01/2009
Format: Paperback
Pages: 192
HAB is happy to re-propose after many years Paul Claudel's play The Tidings Brought to Mary, a play in a translation by Louise Morgan Sill. A significant introduction by Luigi Giussani, founder of the Catholic lay ecclesial movement of Communion and Liberation, helps the reader to be drawn more deeply into the drama of the play and to find described there the drama which faces each of us. Pope Benedict XVI once made the point that world history is a struggle between two kinds of love: "self-love to the point of hatred for God, and love of God to the point of self-renunciation. This second love brings the redemption of the world and the self." This is the claim, the proposal of the play The Tidings Brought to Mary. After nearly a hundred years, as we watch this Infinite Love generate the play's heroic characters, we find ourselves begging in More...
Title: The Wisdom of the Poor One of Assisi
Author: Eloi Leclerc, M.D. Johnson
ISBN: 978093272745
Price: 8.95
Publisher: Hope Publishing House
Publication Date: 9/28/1991
Format: Trade Paperback
Pages: 116
Returning from a pilgrimage to the Holy Land, St. Francis finds the order of humble friars, which he had founded, has grown so tremendously that now over 6,000 monks consider themselves "Franciscans." But St. Francis is appalled to find that with this apparent success came a total rejection of his original vision which this thriving community of friars regarded as outmoded and unsuited for their current needs. When he remonstrates, they suggest that if Francis cannot adapt to the new rules and regulations, perhaps he should go elsewhere. Rejected by the order which he founded and despondent that the vision he felt God gave him is being scorned, Francis withdraws to a mountain hermitage with his beloved Brother Leo. There in a Spartan cave during a long winter of the soul Francis arrives at new insights into what God requires of those who would follow Christ. This heartening story brings comfort to all More...
Title: The Chosen
Author: Chaim Potok
ISBN: 978044921344
Price: 7.99
Publisher: Fawcett Books
Publication Date: April 12. 1984
Format: Trade Paperback
Pages: 304
In 1940s Brooklyn, two boys who have grown up within a few blocks of each other, but in entirely different worlds, meet for the first time in a bizarre encounter -- a baseball game between two Jewish parochial schools that turns into a holy war. With dramatic force and simplicity that seizes the heart, "The Chosen" depicts the powerful bonds of love and pain that join father and son, the communions and quarrels of friendship, the true religionist's love of God, and the tumults by which the heart is made human.
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