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Title: The World, The Flesh and Father Smith
Author: Bruce Marshall
ISBN: 978194145709
Price: 12.00
Publisher: Human Adventure Books
Publication Date: 12/18/17
Format: Trade Paperback
Pages: 230
"Suddenly...he knew the answer to it all: how the lame and the sick should be healed and how the poor should be rewarded and the banker might be last and the harlot first; how a priest’s hands never failed however flat his words; how the Church was all glorious within because the freight she carried healed all her cracks..." To ride along in the mind and heart of Father Smith is to experience the toil, frustration, humiliation, mercy, love, fear, and patience that brings this tender and simple priest to such a vision. This is a chronicle of Father Smith's priesthood, marked by relentless changes through the earthly passage of time, yet embraced by the constancy of human frailty and God's mercy. Bruce Marshall (1899-1987) followed a passion for writing throughout his life, and used his accounting profession to provide the funds that allowed him to hone his craft. His best More...
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